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How to message your customers using data

With Morning triggers you can message your customers automatically as soon as their metrics match your criteria. This is ideal for situations where you need to communicate with customers on a metered plan. In this example, a file sharing app will a Morning trigger to start a Zapier workflow that emails customers when their monthly “Uploads” metric hits 10 .

In the uploads detail screen start by clicking “Add Trigger”.

In the screen that appears we group this trigger by “Person”. This means that the trigger will run for each individual customer profile.

In this example my file sharing app limits free users to 10 uploads per month so I need to set this trigger to run when a person’s monthly uploads is greater or equal to 10 and only for users where their plan = free.

Once this is complete, I can add my Zapier workflow.

I want to create a Zapier workflow that will email customers when they hit their limit and ask them to upgrade. Morning already has a Gmail template for my trigger, so I’m just going to use that.

In the Zapier editor that appears, my Organization and Trigger are already selected:

In the Gmail action, I can see that the email address from the Morning profile has already been populated.

I can also use the customer’s data from their “Uploads” metric to build a personalized email that tells them exactly how many uploads they’ve made this month.

As soon as I publish an turn up my Zap, Morning will display the Zap in the Trigger interface.

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