Customer Intelligence for Automations

Morning helps you understand your customers and build automations that turn your opportunities into conversions and upgrades. It connects directly to Zapier so you don’t have to be a developer to start using it.


How it works

A one-minute tour of how you can use Morning

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Without Morning

Without Morning

“Why didn’t we know the customer hadn’t been using the product before the meeting?”

“My emails aren’t converting anyone.”

“Are people actually using this new feature?”

“Why did our biggest customer just cancel?”

“How many leads did we convert from the latest marketing campaign?”

What can Morning do for you?


I want to send a coupon to my most active free customers for this month

Use a Morning trigger to create a Stripe checkout link with a discount and email the customers most likely to convert to a paid plan.


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I want to send my team a daily Slack of all the customers who just used a new feature

Use a Morning segment to send a Slack digest of everyone who’s using a new feature.


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I want to assign a todo to customer success when our best customers haven’t logged in for a while

Use a Morning segment to create a HubSpot ticket for your team.

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I want to nudge customers to upgrade their plan when they get close to hitting monthly limits

Use a Morning Trigger to automatically prompt your users to upgrade their plan.


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I want to send our sales team a spreadsheet of our best enterprise prospects for this month.

Use a Morning Segment to email a Google Sheet to your sales team.


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Metric Libraries

Build collections of your key metrics and keep them in our simple, easy to use format. It’s better than a spreadsheet. We guarantee.


Integrated with over 5k apps

Your key metrics might exist in a number of third party platforms. With our Zapier integration you can connect to those platforms and build your metrics without writing a single line of code.


History for your data

Often key metrics are lost if you don’t store the data correctly. With Morning we’ve designed our entire system to track your metrics in a simple but powerful structure so you don’t every have to worry about recreating history when it’s too late.


Customer & Company Profiles

Get a clear view of your customers with profiles. Morning automatically builds profiles as your data comes in. You can use their data to engage with them via workflows and get a granular picture of how they’re driving your key metrics.


Workflow Triggers & Actions

Don’t just stare, put your metrics to work with our powerful workflow triggers. Reach out to customers, identify prospects, schedule tasks, alert customer support and do it with data. You write the rules and Morning does the work.


Doing the hard stuff

In Morning, metrics are more than just a single number. Using statistics we track a metric’s performance across weeks, months, quarters and years and we let you build the rules.