You don't need another dashboard

Hey! I’m Levi Nunnink, the Founder of Morning.

I’ve been working as a tech founder for almost twenty years. When I started thinking about Morning, I didn’t want to build another dashboard that would quickly gather dust. I've seen too many of those. I wanted something more useful than that.

If all you do is look at your data but never take action, your data is useless. I wanted to build a system that used data to convert free users to paying customers, retained customers, or kept my team informed on daily basis. I wanted a service that would actually grow my business. That’s why I built Morning.

I hope you like it.

Previously I was the Co-Founder of Riskalyze and Droplr. Morning is self-funded and small. If you talk to someone on customer support, it’s probably going to be me.

Customer Intelligence for Automations

Morning plugs into your existing workflows, automatically builds customer metrics, and lets you write data-driven automations for Zapier.

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